Preserving the quality of the grain post-harvest is challenging. Once harvested, the grains are exposed to contaminants and impurities which present a high risk of the grains being spoiled and damaged. In addition, many types of grain are highly susceptible to damage when being moved due to poor handling.

Belt conveyors are an ideal tool for grain handling due to their capacity to move large volumes at high speed, whilst handling grain gently and minimising grain damage.

AgField’s Mobile Seed Conveyor system is a combination of a custom Puma system (Transmitter and Receiver) and the PLC. The operator is able to fully control the system from the transmitter.

Toggles work lights of the system

Toggles the tare function of the system

Starts and stops the engine

Switches between manual and auto mode

Activates the selected bin

Turns on conveyor 1 or conveyor 2

Reduces engine RPM

Increases engine RPM

Analog control to open and close each bin

Analog control to retract and extend the conveyor

The heads up display monitors each diagnostic of the system such as:

  • Bin capacity has been reached
  • Displays the flow rate of each material
  • Displays which material has been selected
  • Triggered alarms of the system

Analog control to fold and unfold the conveyor

Analog control to move the conveyor up or down

To ensure the conveyor system is able to handle materials safely and efficiently the system is configured to:

  • Diagnose and display any system faults or errors.
  • Set a custom flow rate, ensuring different materials are handled with care.
  • Give control of sections (e.g. Section 1 consists of bins 1-3 & Section 2: bins 4-6)

T26 Puma Transmitter
R20 Puma Receiver
EPEC 3610 Control Unit
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