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Total Eye – IoT Services

IoT future-proofs organisations but do you know how to make the most of its opportunities?
The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to the billions of physical devices connected to the internet, all collecting and sharing data.
For organisations committed to future-proofing their operations, IoT supports machine-to-machine communication and delivers and interprets prescriptive and predictive analytics.

If properly interpreted and utilised, these analytics can:

• Underpin strategic business decisions and priorities;
• Support automation;
• Optimise resources;
• Improve production efficiency, product quality and service levels; and
• Support intuitive devices/technology to learn and adjust to different situations and business requirements.

Understanding how to interpret the volume and variety of data that IoT captures to support benefit realisation, however, can be challenging.
Telemation has developed Total Eye – an IoT monitoring solution designed to enable your organisation to monitor, measure, collate and report information when and where it is needed.
Total Eye integrates data received from sensors, machine logs and user inputs to monitor, control and analyse any machine via the Cloud.

Total Eye Features:

• End-to-end equipment and vehicle system monitoring and deep data mining and computation tasks to provide accurate, timely operations oversight. Total Eye also supports trouble shooting and remote software upgrades.
• The Dashboard analyses and monitors all system data and displays diagnostic information in real-time. Any faults or alarms that arise are logged and the operator can be notified via SMS or email. This supports staff safety and maintains machine health.
• Real-time GPS location and remote systems monitor and provide system diagnostics such as engine RPM, oil and fuel levels. Machine activity can be logged and uploaded into cloud management software, providing system status and site usage statistics. These features provide machine operators with superior equipment and maintenance capability.
• The hardware supports the installation of additional sensors to convert additional information into system diagnostics, and/or provide damage prevention control for vehicle owners and operators.

Total Eye Benefits:


• Continuous and real-time monitoring of operations
• Early fault detection
• Pre-scheduled, preventive maintenance


• Prevents major machinery breakdowns and associated costs
• Reduces “down time” and disruption to operations


• Integrates with commercially available sensors
• Integrates with different control modules
• No requirement for additional power supply


• Data logged with unique ID allows data analysis for each machine
• Allow failure analysis in case of breakdown

For more information about how Total Eye can enhance your customer’s experience, identify new business channels, streamline processes and increase operational visibility, have a look at our case studies.


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