EPEC 3610 Control Unit

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EPEC 3610 Control Unit

Need an accelerometer and a high-side current measurement? Epec 3610 can also include an RS-232 communication and an option for accurate Pt1000 measurement.



Epec 3610 Control Unit is a compact controller containing 22 I/O pins, all of them can be configured as input pins. Epec 3610 has an RS-232 serial port and as an assembly variant, I/O interface that is compatible with the previous Epec 2038 Control Unit. However, Epec 3610 also comes with completely new features like high-side current measurement and an internal 3-axis accelerometer, for example, for levelling purposes. Epec 3610 also has an option for accurate Pt1000 measurement.

The unit’s casing works to protect the electronics against mechanical wear. The leak-proof zinc/plastic housing has also been widely tested against different environmental conditions. The unit is equipped with a signal LED for diagnostics. One CAN is also equipped with double pins to make cabling easier since there is no need for branches in the wire harness.

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