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Powerful display computer with intel atom quad core
Sizes: 9″
Processor: Intel Atom® 64bit x5-E3940CPU, 4×1.60GHz.
Operating systems: Custom Linux system based on Yocto 2.6+



The CCpilot X900 is designed to address challenges created by the rapid increases in the requirements of software content in  modern mobile machines. Systems for improved productivity, reduced environmental impact, safety and security are software intensive. The performance of graphical user interfaces is a key success factor for how the machine system is perceived. To efficiently realize these types of solutions, it is critical to use a platform that supports capable software frameworks and toolchains.

The X900 is based on an industrial grade quad core Intel processor which features a very powerful integrated GPU. The CCpilot X900 leverages current and next generation graphics APIs and frameworks, making it possible to  realize and support advanced systems. The GPU and software layers support Vulkan,  enabling the advantages of the new graphics backend of Qt 6, which is expected to be released in Q4 2020. The platform utilises accessible CFAST storage for in-field  expandability and storage upgrades. With  support for multipurpose applications the  CCpilot X900 provides a desktop environment for mobile machines enabling design flexibility and scope for advanced support tools, HMI solutions, business logics, guidance and control, all in one display computer solution.

The CCpilot X900’s Atom based SoC is designed to support object recognition and parallel computing and the platform supports rapidly emerging technologies like multiple digital camera streams, stream stitching to create panoramic views, object detection and classification as well as speech recognition.

With its vast software capabilities and state-of-the art hardware, the CCpilot X900 is a future ready platform for machine intelligence.

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