• One master to rule them all. Epec XS6C Central Unit has up to 6 CAN buses to connect it with other devices. XS6C also includes 2 Ethernets to enable, for example, IoT solutions.
  • Epec SC52 Safety Control Unit is up to SIL2 and Pld/CAT3 level state-of-the-art controller for safety-related systems in mobile machinery. SC52 offers a flexible solution for software-based safety function implementation.
  • The best slave product there is! Epec GL84 Slave Unit has a large amount of I/O in a compact housing, super fast cycle time and a completely new housing and connector solution. GL84 includes a whopping 27 GNDs for sensors and actuators.
  • So tiny yet so mighty. Epec EC44 is a new compact programmable control unit based on the new connector and housing concept.
  • So sleek and versatile! Epec 5050 Control Unit has a large amount of memory, programmable I/Os and also an Ethernet connection. A real jack-of-all-trades!
  • Slim, stylish and comprehensive. Epec 4602 Control Unit has the biggest amount of I/O pins in Epec products, 44 inputs and 24 outputs.
  • Epec 3724 Control Unit is an all-time favourite that comes  in rugged proven-in-use aluminum housing. With its 24 inputs and 28 outputs it positions itself right between our small and large I/O products.
  • Want a possibility to to connect 10 propo valve pairs? Epec 3720 control unit is specially optimized for hydraulic actuator control with a high amount of PWM outputs and feedback pins.
  • Need an accelerometer and a high-side current measurement? Epec 3610 can also include an RS-232 communication and an option for accurate Pt1000 measurement.
  • Small but mighty, in a nifty housing. Epec 3606 Control Unit is an extremely compact, powerful and robust multifunction controller.
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